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tw telecom, headquartered in Littleton, CO, is a leading provider of managed networking solutions to a wide array of businesses and organizations in 75 markets spanning 30 states and D.C. As one of the country's premier competitive service providers, tw telecom integrates data, dedicated Internet access, and local and long distance voice services for long distance carriers, wireless communications companies, incumbent local exchange carriers, and enterprise organizations in healthcare, finance, higher education, manufacturing, and hospitality industries, as well as for military, state and local government.

We began our business in 1993 as a joint venture with Time Warner Cable (now a unit of Time Warner Inc.). Since 1997, we focused on delivering services to business customers, including carriers and governmental entities, and on expanding from dedicated services into Voice Services, Internet and data.

In July 1998, we became a separate entity apart from Time Warner Cable and were reorganized into Time Warner Telecom LLC. In May 1999, we issued an IPO and became Time Warner Telecom Inc.

tw Telecom

tw Telecom Partner

Services Offered:

  • Integrated Local, Data, Voice Services
  • Data services
  • Frame relay
  • ATM
  • VPN services (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Dedicated IP data
  • Integrated voice and data circuits
  • Bandwidth ranging from fractional T-1 up to OC-48 (2.488Gbps)


  • Bundled packages to meet the needs of small businesses
  • Customized local/data/voice plans for large businesses
  • Low Commitment - tw telecom requires only a 1 year term agreement for most carriers though an agent may offer a longer term, and requires no monthly minimum charges besides the loop rate for voice contracts.
  • Tier 1 Service - tw telecom uses only Tier-1 providers for their backbone.
  • 4 Decimal Rounding - Voice calls are rounded to the 4th decimal, creating a great savings to customer with a large number of short term calls. (call centers with predictive dialers)

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