D&S introduces the Mako Networks PCI-Compliance Solution

The Only PCI DSS Certified Network Management System For Secure Credit Card Transactions

If you’re a business that processes credit card transactions, you need to know about coming changes to the laws and your responsibilities involving credit card fraud. The new PCI DSS compliance standards for transactions over broadband mean your business will now be responsible for credit card fraud if found non-compliant. Last year it cost companies like Target and P.F. Chang’s billions of dollars. 60% of businesses reporting a breach have gone out of business within 6 months. While companies like Target make the news, 95% of credit card fraud is against small business.

It’s important to understand that PCI compliance is an ongoing concern rather than a one-time expense. Small changes to the network can break compliance at any time. Target Corporation was in compliance only weeks before their networks were compromised.

Mako Networks

PCI compliant companies, devices or datacenters do not guarantee a certified solution. Only an independent PCI auditor can certify compliance, and Mako Networks offers the only certified compliant end-to-end network solution. The Mako Central Management System (CMS) will tell you within 2 minutes if you’ve fallen out of compliance. It offers a complete network management package to monitor and control everything that’s happening on your network at any time.

No matter how secure your network may be, once it has been compromised the only thing that will shield your business from financial responsibility is PCI compliance. The Mako System significantly improves a business’ ability to meet that standard. Amazingly, the Mako System can be installed in less than an hour, is incredibly affordable, and can secure your customer's data more easily and completely than any other option available today, regardless of manufacturer or cost.

How the Mako System Works

The diagram below provides an overview of how the Mako System functions on your network. For more detail, download the Mako System Datasheet (1.2MB).

Mako Network Diagram

A Mako network appliance connects your retail store(s) directly to the Internet and creates a secure network environment for accepting payment cards. Mako network appliances also enable the same connection to be used for other general activities, like email, web surfing or Wi-Fi.


The Mako System can link your back office network(s) to your main office via a VPN so you can securely share business information.


With the Mako Central Management System (CMS) you can manage your retail store(s) remotely with an Internet connection and a web browser for a centralized view of your entire network.


The Mako System sends card data directly to the payment processor over an encrypted connection. In the event of an Internet outage, payment network connections automatically switch to high-speed mobile data (wireless failover) to keep your transactions flowing.

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