About Us

A History of Leadership

Since 1986 D&S has been a leader in bringing cost effective innovations to the telecommunications industry. We pioneered many of the practices that are now industry standards. Our "same day or overnight" advanced replacement service and our standard 18 month warranty have been copied and implemented by many of our competitors, but none of them have been able match our record of excellence in quality and service.

A New Approach to Convergence

Advancements in technology have changed the way communications infrastructures are implemented. We have the personnel, training, facilities and expertise to be a valuable partner to our customers in achieving the optimum balance between technology and economy. As organizations take advantage of the convergence of data, voice and video communications over a single infrastructure, D&S provides products and services that help customers make the most of their technology investments. From supplying equipment to implementation of complete turnkey network management systems, D&S can be your single-source. LAN/WAN, Internet, Voice over IP, Unified Messaging and CTI are all part of the D&S portfolio of products. Of course, we continue to provide the best in PBX, key systems, components, repairs, installation/de-installation, voice messaging, call accounting systems and long distance services. No matter what the project, D&S should be your first contact.

Our Commitment to You

Once you have experienced our commitment to excellence, we know you will appreciate the value of choosing a company that understands communication.

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