Telecom Equipment Offsite Free Storage & Online Management

Don't buy equipment that you already own somewhere else, minimize overall corporate inventories, reduce maintenance costs, storage costs and management costs while increasing accountability and centralizing repairs, disposal and storage.

CAMP™ is the Key to Managing Telecom and Data Assets

Voice and data equipment is one of the largest investments modern companies make in their infrastructure. Effectively maintaining these assets to derive the maximum benefit over the lifespan of the equipment requires management at the lowest cost with the least amount of risk. D&S Communications offers a comprehensive managed services program called the Corporate Asset Management Program (CAMP). CAMP helps you manage telecommunications and data inventories, including purchases, repairs, service, sale of excess equipment and legal disposal of assets in an environmentally responsible manner.

100% Accountability for All Your Voice and Data Products

Assets can be tracked and manipulated on-line in real-time, including placing shipping orders 24/7 for emergency replacements. CAMP provides value whether you choose to put equipment back into service immediately or store it for free at our location until it is needed.* All purchased and repaired items carry an 12-month warranty from D&S. CAMP offers browser-based access and is available over any internet connection, making it usable from a variety of locations and requiring no installation or PC-based maintenance. It is also flexible and easily customizable to meet each customer’s changing needs.

CAMP Web Portal

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