VoIP Phone Systems for Business

Hosted and On-Premise Solutions

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a method of delivering voice communications over the Internet as opposed to traditional copper wires. This technology can dramatically reduce your business’s infrastructure costs and network complexity, and even eliminate redundancy by integrating voice and data networks, a process known as unified communications.

Many businesses have a heavy investment in legacy phone systems, and choose to transition to VoIP slowly over a period of months, or even years. D&S is in a unique position to help in these cases, with years of expertise in both traditional phone systems and VoIP services. We can support both systems to ensure your transition occurs smoothly.

Hosted Solutions

D&S provides a cost-effective turn-key hosted solution to manage your business telecommunications needs without having to invest in system hardware, software or trunking services, or the internal support people to maintain these systems. Our hosted solution puts advanced telecom applications at your disposal, and all hardware, service and support are bundled into a single monthly payment.

Our hosted solution integrates best in class functionalities from a variety of suppliers to produce a system that covers a wide variety of customer needs. The core of the system is extremely robust auto attendant voicemail, state-of-the-art mobility features, extremely stable call processing, extensive fiber-optic network, and 24/7 support. The system can be customized for better performance, and additional services and applications can be added to the system as you require them.

Other Possible Enhancements

IP extensions can be added wherever you wish to deploy them as long as broadband connectivity and network infrastructure (router/firewall) is available at the location of the extension. This can be especially useful for management personnel who frequently work from small company offices or their home offices. Interactive Voice Response Services with Speech Recognition capabilities can also be deployed if desired. Call center or even a multi-media contact center can be added if and when it is needed. Growth is virtually unlimited as D&S is using system components that are designed for applications that have thousands of users. If you desire a particular feature or functionality, just let us know and we will make every effort to incorporate it in the your system.

Disaster Avoidance and Recovery

A VoIP business phone system includes built-in redundancy, because it works as a single system across all geographies. If a system at one location goes down, calls are seamlessly re-routed to another location. This feature is unseen by the customer. Learn more about disaster avoidance.

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