It's Easy Being Green

Reduce Energy Costs

With energy costs soaring through the roof, many businesses are now recognizing the benefits of using technology to save time and money in addition to reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing waste. Is your company embracing a green philosophy? Let D&S show you how easy it is being green while also saving your company money.

Repair & Refurbish

Repair your equipment and start saving money now.

Be Eco-nomical

Sell your unused equipment and make money now.

Reduce Energy Use

Reduce your energy costs and save money every month.

Green Tech Tips

Follow these thirteen green tech tips and help save the planet.

Repair & Refurbish – Use What You Have

Companies of all kinds are going green, with corporate boards and management teams putting eco-friendly technology practices at the top of their objectives. Companies are now choosing to recycle their old computers and electronics when they become outdated or in need of repair rather than just throwing them away.

Phone repairThis is both smart for the environment and smart for the pocketbook as it is estimated that about 40 percent of all landfill space is taken up by electronic devices. And smart for your wallet because D&S can repair and/or refurbish most of your broken equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new. How is your company positioned? Are you being green?

Repairing and refurbishing allows voice and data electronics to be redistributed and reused. In its 55,000 sq. ft. repair facility, D&S employs over 30 board level technicians who repair products from Nortel, Aastra, Cisco, and Avaya to name a few.

Enjoy a longer shelf life. Backed by an 18-month warranty, that surpasses most manufacturers' guarantees, D&S offers an emergency replacement guarantee on all critical components.

Go Green To Get Green – It's Eco-nomical

Green BackControlling costs are a primary driver in business decisions, and being green can now meet those objectives. D&S can give you the highest value for your excess or unwanted inventory. The reasons are countless as to why you might want to sell equipment. Your company may be going through a system upgrade, or a downsizing, or you may just have some stuff stashed in a closet somewhere.

D&S Communications buys millions of dollars in previously owned inventory every year, and we purchase equipment as is wherever it is. We take everything from individual circuit cards to complete PBX's. With our state-of-the-art repair facility we will even buy known-defective equipment. For more information about selling your used equipment contact our purchasing department.

It's As Easy As Changing A Light Bulb

lightbulbTech buyers say they desire devices that are kind to the environment, but they haven't shown a strong predisposition to buy them except when it saves them money.

Using Nortel products and services can significantly reduce your costs and energy consumption. If you want energy efficiency, D&S can help you turn to Nortel.

  • Independent testing by the Tolly Group concluded that "Nortel PoE switches are the "greenest" using 56% less power than Cisco devices tested and 41% less power than HP devices tested."
  • Deploying Nortel products instead of Cisco products can cut energy consumption costs in half and save corporations up to $100K per year in energy costs—based on modeling with the Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator.

Put Away Your Frequent Flyer Card

Nortel Services-Powered Telepresence significantly reduces air travel and subsequently your carbon footprint. The solution combines services and equipment to create a fully immersive, real-to-life experience despite distance limitations. According to the David Suzuki Foundation, air travel accounts for four to nine percent of the total climate change impact of human activity.

Green Tech-Tips

Thirteen Ways to save on your energy bill...

  1. Unplug your cell phone charger, laptop cable and other electrical plugs as they drain power while they are plugged in, even if they are not in use.
  2. Purchase computers and telephone systems that are designed for longevity and allow for easy upgrading as needs increase.
  3. Use rechargeable batteries, preferably with solar powered rechargers.
  4. When you're ready to upgrade your computer monitor, consider buying an LCD flat screen. It uses far less energy.
  5. Charge your phone or PDA off your computer's USB port instead of plugging into a wall socket.
  6. Repair and reuse your existing equipment.
  7. Replace frequently-used light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
  8. Buy only Energy Star labeled computer equipment.  (Show label)
  9. No more Styrofoam. Make your own packing peanuts out of air-popped popcorn. Bring a mug to work.
  10. Check labels and buy products which use less energy.
  11. Install and use programmable thermostats.
  12. Choose laptops instead of desktops, if possible. They use less energy.
  13. Properly dispose of your out of service equipment and receive an earth-friendly certificate.

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