D&S introduces the Mako System for Simple, Secure PCI Networks

Secure Network Management Made Easy

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Designed for smaller businesses and distributed enterprises, the Mako System is a non-stop networking and security solution that is simple to deploy and maintain. Mako appliances are managed through a single cloud-based interface. Network configuration, control and reporting are available for one to thousands of locations.

Despite being quick to install and simple to maintain, it is the only system to provide end-to-end Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification. Mako provides bank-grade security for your entire network, at an incredibly affordable price.

Seamless, Automatic Failover With Prioritization

Connectivity failures on mission-critical systems such as those that support accounting, payment processing and inventory management can directly impact your business revenue. With a single Mako appliance at each site, the system mitigates connectivity outages by protecting your business with automated failover if your primary broadband service is unavailable. The Mako System redirects data to the 4G/3G high-speed wireless connection, adjusts the Quality of Service (QoS) and reforms existing VPNs. When the primary access is restored, traffic automatically returns to the broadband connection.

Scalable Network Management

Mako Network Appliances are cloud-managed via the Mako Central Management System (CMS) to provide visibility and control of your entire network. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 locations, the Mako CMS is designed for companies with multiple sites—enabling a distributed enterprise to lower management costs, increase overall network uptime and meet all network-related PCI DSS requirements.

Protect Mission-Critical Applications

The Mako CMS enables greater control and flexibility by helping to protect mission- critical applications and avoid Internet downtime with the following features:

  • View status reports and error logs
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Build VPNs in just three mouse clicks
  • Set wait times for fail-to and fail-back
  • Remote access to third party devices or applications from anywhere
  • Activate multiple International carriers from a single module via the Mako CMS
  • View embedded module stats such as RSSI, mode, carrier, last connect, time online etc.)
  • Automatically test backup Internet connectivity and alerts on backup failure

How the Mako System Works

The diagram below provides an overview of how the Mako System functions on your network. For more detail, download the Mako System Datasheet (1.2MB).

Mako Central Management System

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