Advanced Replacement Program

Fast and Cost-Effective

D&S Communications' 24-hour Advanced Replacement Program is an alternative that provides a working replacement for the price of a low cost repair, in most cases shipped same day. Simply swap out defective phones with the shipped spares, and send back the defective units with the pre-printed label provided. The charge is only for repair, not replacement, which means your cost stays low.

The program can include:

24 Hr. Advanced Replacement Program
  • All wireless and desk phones, including Cisco 7925 wireless phones
  • Most boards, cards, cabinets, power supplies, antennas, controllers and other components are also repairable.
  • We repair equipment from Cisco, Avaya, Spectralink, Nortel, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Polycom, Ericsson, Aastra and AVST among others.
  • Low cost, high-quality refurbished replacements are also available if you need them. We often have unused units available at competitive prices as well.

Replacement Orders via our Web Portal

Save even more time processing repair orders or maintenance requests via our CAMP™ web portal. Track inventory in real-time, monitor asset condition, and store your repaired equipment for free in our warehouse for later deployment.

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