First Communications

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Founded in 1998, First Communications Inc. is a leading regional competitive communications provider offering high-capacity metro and long-haul fiber network services as well as local exchange voice and data services across the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic United States. Through numerous acquisitions and strong organic growth over the last five years, the First Communica­tions network has grown to include more than 600 on-net wire centers, 250,000 fiber miles and 4,900 fiber route miles. The company’s fiber network includes approximately 500 metro route miles and reaches more than 50 Tier 1, 2 and 3 markets.

First Communications

First Communications Partner

A growing list of carrier and wholesale customers rely on First Communications’ transport services offered through the company’s Fiber Services Group (FSG). Regional service providers, utilities, large enterprises, financial organizations, schools, universities, health care providers and state and local governments also benefit from First Communications’ expanding transport services.

In addition to carriers and wholesale customers, First Communications takes pride in being able to assist the typically underserved SME market through its Business Services Group (BSG). First Communications’ SME customer base encompasses a wide variety of industry segments including health services, personal services, retail, automotive (dealers, service and repair), real estate, food and beverage establishments and professional services. As a customer-focused organization, First Communications will continue to invest in its network to deliver highly scalable and reliable services that meet the needs of its customers.

First Communications is headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with offices throughout its service area.

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