Mako Networks Achieves Verifone Certification

For Release: September 17, 2018

Mako to offer Certified Managed Firewall/Zone Router Solutions for Verifone Commander Point of Sale Systems

Verifone has announced that as of later this year or early 2019, it will no longer support nor sell the current Cybera Enhanced Zone Router (EZR) solution. Previously, the Cybera EZR allowed access for Verifone’s help desk to access the Commander to provide high-speed remote support. The Cybera EZR did not, however, provide certain other functionality such as cellular failover or detailed usage reporting.

In response to customer demand, and in order to provide a firewall that incorporates multiple functions into one managed-service solution, Verifone has now certified Mako Networks’ firewall/router system to work with the Commander as an EZR replacement.

Mako is known for helping customers create simple, secure PCI-compliant networks and for providing secure third-party access to sensitive customer environments. Mako’s solution is typically deployed across distributed enterprises (multi-site businesses) such as petroleum stations, retail chains, franchises and healthcare institutions.

With an easy-to-use cloud-based Central Management System (CMS), Mako allows administrators to manage the network appliances at thousands of sites through a single web interface without jeopardizing their networks’ PCI-compliant status. The solution also includes a broad set of features that are important to operations at small sites, such as built-in Wi-Fi, centrally-managed Mako Guardian content filtering and reporting, inside-box 4G/LTE cellular failover and 24x7 monitoring and pro-active alerting/remediation.

Distribution Partnership with Excel Equipment

As the largest distributor of Verifone equipment in the United States, Excel Equipment, Inc. has partnered with Mako Networks to provide the Verifone-Certified Mako firewall/zone router solution to Verifone Commander petroleum point-of-sale system (POS) customers in the united States. Excel will now incorporate the Mako solution into a feature-rich package, allowing purchase of the Mako EZR replacement along with the Verifone Commander, combining cutting-edge firewall and networking innovation with industry-leading petroleum point-of-sale technology.

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About Mako Networks

Mako Network’s provides PCI compliant network solutions for companies all over the world, including Chevron, Fisher Auto Parts, Metcash (AUS) and Sprint. Mako Networks specializes in retail network security, health record access and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance solutions that include integrated network management and reporting.

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