Mako Continues Vigorous R&D in 2017

For Release: November 15, 2017

Mako Networks has had a stellar 2017 on the product development front, including our Verizon Cellular Certification. Many of our current and potential customers had requested the Verizon cellular failover alternative. After engaging in an extensive and rigorous process, Mako earned the Verizon certification in order to meet our customers’ needs. The feedback from the field has been overwhelmingly positive.

Another significant product development achievement was Mako’s SD-WAN offering, specifically the support of Multi-WAN. As of May 2017, Mako customers can re-purpose an open LAN port on the Mako CPE, and utilize it as a second Ethernet WAN port. This allows end users who have multiple layers of WAN redundancy to be programmed into numerous different configurations based on source, destination and service type. This prioritization and load balancing have allowed Mako customers to achieve near 100 percent uptime for their critical business systems.

All of the following are noteworthy 2017 improvements to Mako’s Central Management System (CMS): 1. Network availability reports have expanded to show data broken down by WAN, LAN, and can now show other useful information such as the cellular quality at each individual site. 2. Syslogs are now searchable using Boolean strings. 3. Security features have been added to allow administrators to enforce two factor authentication and suspend users that haven’t logged into the system after 100 days. 4. Multi-casting is now supported behind the interface, and work is being done to build it into the interface. 6. Several dozen minor enhancements have been added, such as tool tips on the enterprise templates, sortable columns, turning on ping for a specific WAN port, and ability to run traceroutes.

Mako is committed to exceed the challenges of the marketplace with vigorous ongoing research and development. Changes will continue to be created that will make the deployments and user experience as painless and seamless as possible. As our customers continue to suggest additions to our feature set, Mako will always be listening in order to serve our customers better. Exciting things are in store for the 2018 R&D roadmap!

About Mako Networks

Mako Network’s provides PCI compliant network solutions for companies all over the world, including Chevron, Fisher Auto Parts, Metcash (AUS) and Sprint. Mako Networks specializes in retail network security, health record access and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance solutions that include integrated network management and reporting.

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