Mako Networks to attend BPAMA as Exclusive BYOB Network Vendor

For Release: Februrary 18, 2016

Chicago, IL—Mako Networks, a company specializing in PCI-compliant network security for retailers, is presenting at the BP Amoco Marketers Association’s (BPAMA) Convention & Trade Expo Feb. 21-23 as the exclusive network vendor for sites choosing the BYOB option for BP’s platform-wide site technology rollout taking place in FY2016.

On February 21st through the 23rd, 2016 Mako Networks will join industry experts, senior leadership, best-in-class marketers, and other key suppliers to share industry knowledge and technological advances designed to help BP’s business partners meet the evolving challenges of the future effectively and securely.

At the conference, Mako representatives will interact with approximately 165 marketers, representing 6,000+ sites in 28 US states, over 60 affiliate members who provide a variety of products and services to BP businesses, and BP’s Senior Leadership from their Marketing, Sales, and Supply businesses.

Commenting on this upcoming event, Jason Kubasak, CEO of Mako Networks, Inc., said:

“This will be our first BPAMA event since we were engaged by BP to participate in the new technology rollout. While we have worked closely with many BP jobbers over the past several months, this is a chance to discuss our innovative technology with all the attendees in person and we are really looking forward to it.”

About Mako Networks

Mako Network’s provides PCI compliant network solutions for companies all over the world, including Chevron, Fisher Auto Parts, Metcash (AUS) and Sprint. Mako Networks specializes in retail network security, health record access and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance solutions that include integrated network management and reporting.

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About the BPAMA

The BP Amoco Marketers Association (BPAMA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing BP branded Marketers and BP. BPAMA (started as the Southern Gulf Oil Distributor’s Association in 1974) drives a collaborative, strategically focused mission of positioning the BP brand as the brand of choice for marketers and consumers, with brand growth that is profitable and sustainable. BPAMA is a powerhouse of knowledge in the petroleum marketing business and the most effective association of its kind in the petroleum industry. BPAMA represents over 80% of BP’s branded volume and over 20% of all BP marketers are active in board or committee roles volunteering their time, expertise and business acumen to shape the strategy, programs and offers impacting the BP Marketer Channel of Trade.

BPAMA is managed by the 18 member National Leadership Board (NLB) which consists of 8 Marketers elected by their peers, 6 Marketers nominated to serve, 3 Senior Managers from BP, and the BPAMA Executive Director. While the NLB works on strategic direction wtih BP, they are supported by several Working Committees (WC). The WCs will work to develop objectives and tactical solutions meeting the priorities established by the NLB guiding the BP brand to the #1 choice for customers and consumers, creating growth that is profitable and sustainable for both supplier and marketer. The WC is comprised of both Marketers and BP representatives.

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