Solutions for
Senior Living Facilities

Our innovative programs designed for senior living providers add value for residents while significantly reducing IT and telephone service costs for your facility.

Offer More While Spending Less

Whether it is by employing premise-based systems or hosted solutions, your facility can significantly reduce communication costs in three ways:

  • VoIP solutions allow you to switch from costly legacy lines into lower cost SIP lines. In many cases, your monthly phone service charges can be reduced by 30-50%.
  • If you have multiple facilities, this new technology can combine all of your lines together into one package which will deliver a further cost savings through economies of scale.
  • Lower maintenance costs, increase uptime and improve service to residents and staff by taking advantage of a managed services model.

Generate Additional Revenue

Our communications system can be a profit center for your facility.

  • Residents receive phones and phone service through your facility for their individual use. Since your costs are fixed per device, each resident rental generates new profit at no risk. The per device charges are all inclusive and provide hardware, tech support, equipment maintenance and billing services.
  • This new technology allows devices to be moved easily without changing telephone numbers, which simplifies resident moves within a facility or to another location within your group when residents need to be relocated to a new level of care.
  • Our systems can port your residents’ home phone numbers to their phone in your facility, providing a seamless transition. Residents can even maintain out-of-state numbers indefinitely.

Mobility for Residents and Staff

  • Our new technology brings a broad scope of flexibility to how your staff can be connected and mobile at the same time.
  • Our system can tie directly into your current WiFi network, and the “find me, follow me” feature keeps nurses, security personnel, and staff reliably connected at all times.
  • Our systems deliver to all of your residents access to any mobile device they wish to operate, whether that is a smart phone, tablet, computer or the next greatest device.

Security Features Improve Safety and Reduce Liability

Our IP based systems can be fully integrated into your video and physical security systems so that residents and staff can be located at all times while also tracking equipment. Our system is fully e911 compatible, providing the safety and security residents require.

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