Case Study

Disaster Recovery LIM for Transolutions

Transolutions is in the Medical Transcription business providing service around the clock, 365 days a year to major hospitals with their network of medical transcription employees located throughout the U.S.

In early February they were notified that they could gain two large accounts in the Pacific Northwest that would increase their annual revenues by almost 15%. There was one condition: they had to be fully up and running to accommodate the increased business by the last weekend of February. Initially, they considered expanding the MD110 and the medical transcription systems at their headquarters, but ruled this out because of concerns with the local exchange carrier’s facilities into their headquarters. Realizing that at one time, D&S was America On Line’s colocation site for the city of Elgin, Transolutions knew that D&S’ Elgin facility had substantial fiber optic bandwidth from the Elgin ILEC. Transolutions chose to locate the required MD110 and the server-based transcription systems at D&S in Elgin, IL. D&S received the customer’s P.O. on February 11th, the required PRI circuits were ordered and by February 20th, a brand new BC12 MD110 was installed, programmed and fully operational for integration to the transcription systems. Transolutions installed the new transcription systems over the next few days and went live on Friday the 26th. The new system has been operating without a hitch and Transolutions has been processing the business of the two large accounts without a single interruption.

Transolutions has a disciplined approach to technology investments whereby they generally only make such investments if they produce immediate operating profit and cash flow benefits. D&S’ financing affiliate Telecommunications Finance Corporation financed the Elgin LIM as well as practically all of Transolution’s technology investments over the past 12 years.

Because Transolutions’ communications systems are so critical to their business, they have embarked on a program with D&S to make all of their systems fully redundant so that if the Telco services are interrupted at their headquarters or if for any reason, any of their facilities become unusable, telecommunications and transcription services are immediately and transparently re-established at the redundant sites such as at D&S.

The MD110 architecture is extremely flexible, allowing LIMs to be located almost anywhere. With IP, LIM locations become even more flexible since they do not have to be colocated with the phones.

D&S was able to provide quick and flexible solutions to Transolutions. We look forward to hearing from you to accommodate your enterprise needs.


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