Nortel Norstar M7100

Part #: NT8B14XX93, NT8B14XX35, NT8B14XX23, NT8B14XX03

Nortel Norstar M7100
Repair Includes
12 mo. Warranty

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  • Intercom - increases the convenience of interoffice conversations, while keeping outside lines free.
  • Programmable buttons - let you customize each user's phone with the right mix of features, lines, and intercoms.
  • Memory buttons - provide fast access to frequently dialed numbers.
  • Call log - tracks and records incoming calls.
  • Hold - provides waiting callers with tones or music plus a periodic reminder of held calls.
  • Volume control - lets you adjust the ringer, speakerphone, headset, and handset volume.
  • Automatic set relocation - ensures that each Norstar phone stays programmed through office moves. Just plug it in and go!
  • Selective ringing tones - give users the choice of four ringing tones to easily distinguish their phone's ring from others nearby.
  • Wall-mount capability - gives you the flexibility to place a phone wherever it's needed.
  • Attractive, compact design - in colors of black, ash, or gray-looks great and works great in any office environment.


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This single line telephone delivers dependable functionality to users or areas with low usage requirements, like lobbies and breakrooms. The M7100 telephone provides one programmable memory button and a feature button, along with the one-line by sixteen-character LCD Window.

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