Avaya Magix 4400

Part #: 4400B0N

Avaya Magix 4400
Repair Includes
12 mo. Warranty

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  • Provides a single incoming line
  • Magix 4400 telephone provides such features as flash, hold, transfer, and conference via flash button
  • Magix 4400 phone provides message waiting light and separate volume control
  • Wall mountable
  • Magix 4400 Telephone is compatible all Merlin Magix Systems


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The Avaya non display 4400 office telephone is a basic and convenient choice for business people who don't need all the features of the larger Avaya phones, but still require the useful phone features brought to you by Avaya .

If customer satisfaction and overall communication is of value to you, then the magix 4400 telephone offers the most popular and convenient calling features to ensure that you and your employees can communicate easily and effectively.

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