Disaster Avoidance and Recovery

Redundancy Without the Cost

In the past, creating a business phone system with disaster recovery-grade redundancy required installing multiple PBXs, voice mail systems, automated attendants and automatic call distribution systems at each location. A modern VoIP communications system includes built-in redundancy. That’s because a distributed, IP-based business phone system works as a single system across all geographies. If a system at one location goes down, calls are seamlessly re-routed to another location. This redundancy feature of a modern business phone system is unseen by the customer.

Automated Network Failover

Connectivity failures on mission-critical systems such as those that support accounting, payment processing and inventory management can directly impact your business revenue. D&S can equip your network to mitigate connectivity outages with automated failover if your primary broadband service is unavailable. The network will redirect data to the 4G/3G high-speed wireless connection, adjust the Quality of Service (QoS) and reform existing VPNs. When the primary access is restored, traffic automatically returns to the broadband connection.

Flexibility is Key

A modern business phone system is all about flexibility; flexibility to recover from disasters, flexibility to better serve customers in a global marketplace. A company today should view its business phone system not as a necessary expense but as a strategic advantage.

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