Managed IT Services

Unified Communications: Design, Implementation, Maintenance & Upgrades

D&S Communications can completely manage your business technology infrastructure, including telephony, computers, networks, voice and data connectivity, ongoing maintenance and upgrades, moves/adds/changes and bundle everything into a single monthly payment. We even offer programs that do not involve customer-owned equipment, where D&S provides not only the services but also purchases all of the equipment as part of an all-inclusive total lease package that includes connectivity.

LAN & WAN Management

As part of a Managed Service package, D&S can design, implement and maintain your company's network, whether at a single site or over multiple locations. Our strategic network design includes technology selection, transport protocol, topology recommendations and a forecast of future capacity demands. Our engineers produce working schematics of rack and hub layouts, wiring centers and cable plants, and engineering documentation for your physical, logical and operational network infrastructures. We provide hardware and software, supporting documentation, ongoing service, maintenance and upgrades. Installation is performed by our national network of friendly, certified technicians.

We have substantial expertise in the design and implementation of shared transport TCP/IP networks, and we are proficient in both legacy and emerging networking disciplines. Our WAN expertise includes all commercial transport technologies, interior and exterior routing protocols, and commonly used network protocols. We also have extensive network design and implementation experience with high-performance LANs and IP switching technology.

PCI-DSS Compliance

If you will be processing payment transactions over your network, we provide a end-to-end certified PCI-compliant networking solution. Protecting customer data is a serious obligation that many merchants do not realize has such far-reaching implications. Becoming PCI-compliant and remaining PCI-compliant is as important as having any other form of business liability insurance. The system effectively answers up to 100% of the network security requirements of PCI-DSS, leaving all but a handful of the related security questions and significantly improves a business’ ability to meet the PCI-compliance standard.

ASCDI Member

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