The CAMP™ Service Tracker Module

Service Tracker is our order placement and tracking tool.  All transactions are tracked through a secure password protected web-based application.  It allows real-time reporting on all service tickets and complete historical logging of service tasks and results.  You can even track complete switch and software information.  Service Tracker can be customized to meet the requirements of individual customers and helps to allow us to build a management program that provides the most effective results possible.

Service Tracker Functions

  • Incident/Call Tracking
  • Moving items through the service ticketing process uses the open/close model
  • Integrated into the D&S Corporate Asset Management Program (CAMP)
  • Facilitates escalation of incidents to higher levels in the system
  • Email notifications to various people related to the processes as needed
  • End user and back end interfaces
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Shows open and close dates on incidents and tickets
  • Acts as the “service manager” for D&S CSRs as well as the end user
  • Allows for integrated requests/purchases of equipment
  • Allows requests for technical support and other questions through the portal
  • Ties incidents into billing including maintenance vs. non-covered incidents
  • Sorts incidents by search criteria such as salesperson, date, type of incident
  • Allows for configurable fields and complete customization
  • Assigns incidents to techs through the system
  • Add notes, not just tickets, shows all “activities”
  • Techs close orders (online) or escalate them
  • Lets customers see hours used and hours remaining on bulk contracts
  • Stores customer information, including site locations and configurations
  • Allows customers to track tickets online in real time

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