CAMP is a Fully Customizable Point of Contact for Telecom, Video & Data Infrastructure

With CAMP you’re in the driver’s seat. You choose which aspects of the program are suitable for your company’s needs, and with fully customizable features and software, the possibilites are endless. Transitioning to a new location? D&S can de-install and ship your assets. Having problems with a unit? Have it repaired or use our 24 hr Advanced Replacement Program. Use any aspect of CAMP at your discretion.

1. Receive

  • Nationwide de-installation service offers a convenient way to relocate your system
  • Inventory is taken on all equipment that is received at our facility
  • On-site packing & shipping

2. Test

  • Comprehensive inspection by our highly-trained quality control technicians
  • Advanced testing equipment that detects component functionality

3. Repair

  • 55,000 ft² state-of-the-art repair facility
  • 24 hr burn-in simulates real world conditions
  • Anti-static facility protects sensitive equipment

4. Refurbish

  • Includes an 18-month warranty
  • Refurbish includes new button sets, line cords, and literature packs
  • Exclusive paint process that restores original lustre to plastic casings

5. Store

  • Track the number & condition of units through the CAMP online interface
  • Advanced bar-coding system that makes your inventory data available in real-time

6. Distribute

  • Deploy your equipment through CAMP online
  • Ship using your preferred carrier and methods
  • Generate revenue by selling excess inventory

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