Aastra Advanced Partner

Aastra Advanced Partner

Aastra develops and delivers innovative, integrated solutions that address the communication needs of businesses—both small and large—around the world. Aastra enables enterprises to communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively by offering customers a full range of open standard IP-based and traditional communications networking products including terminals, systems, and applications.

Aastra Technologies Limited is headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada. Aastra globally develops and markets Internet Protocol (IP)-based as well as traditional communications networking products and systems. Aastra’s products include a full range of VoIP solutions including communications servers, gateways, telephone terminals and advanced software applications for business and residential markets. Aastra ranks 3rd in the European enterprise telephony market.

Aastra/Ericsson Product Range

  PBX Mobillity Audio/Video Conferencing Terminals Call Centre Unified Communications
Digital Extender X          
CMG Application Suite  X          
Solidus eCare Multimedia Contact Centre         X  
Digital Telephones  X     X    
Dynamic Network Administration  X          
Enterprise Branch Node  X          
Enterprise Mobility Gateway  X X X      
Fixed Wireless Terminals        X    
IP Telephones        X    
MD Evolution  X          
MD110 Call Centre          X  
MD110  X          
Mobile Extension X X        
MX-ONE Messaging (OneBox)            X
AVST CallXpress           X
MX-ONE TSW (Telephony Switch) X          
MX-ONE TSE (Telephony Server) X          
ViPr Multimedia Conferencing System      X      
AVST Speech Server   X        


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